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Imagine a web designed for schools, libraries and home study. Imagine it was 1995 again and the web was being built with schools in mind.

Every page returned in search results matches the school reading age required. Students can also lower the reading level of results when needed.

All sources for Web for Classrooms have been hand checked by teachers for relevance to the curriculum and for the trustworthiness of the website owners.

All sources provide appropriate information for students for their schoolwork. There is no distraction from commercial, social or entertainment platforms. This helps teachers efficiently prepare lessons and helps students to improve their own research. Saving teachers and students lots of time.

What our customers are saying

Students can search without distraction.

Jess Kempner, Head of Literacy

Make the web accessible to all students.

Jo Carrington, Head of English

It’s got to be at a level he can relate to.

Sarah Stoddart, Parent

Ended up with a better grade.

Nick Glossop, Parent and physics teacher


of students in our user study show greater progress towards their desired learning goals using Web for Classrooms compared with alternative search engines.


…of school work supported by Web for Classrooms included more factual information to support the desired learning outcome compared with alternative search engines.

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Our technology

Wizenoze Readability Index ©

Over the past four years our team of Artificial Intelligence experts has built a unique 5-point readability scale, named the Wizenoze Readability Index©. All web pages are indexed on a modern 1 to 5 readability score powered by machine learning technology.

Teachers can provide access to content about topics that match the curriculum and at multiple reading levels in the same class. It boosts student understanding.